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Water extraction

Water extraction

In the 19th century when European botanists claim the benefits of cannabis extracts by formulating different cannabinoid tinctures. Later on, it becomes primarily efficient for various treatments that include hemp farmers who create various crop cultivation methods. Similarly, the CBD processing industry develops multiple extraction methods, and all of them are useful for everyone. Water is a universal solvent; thus, water vapor and ice also help extract cannabinoids from the hemp plant. The water extraction method is one of the cheapest ways of extracting cannabinoids. It is a straightforward way to produce CBD oil. However, it is a time-consuming task and is not simple to practice. Many people prefer this method as an excellent extract to go through it and gain efficient results that make them rely on this particular method.

Working of water extraction method


It would be best to have the following equipment for the water extraction method.

  • Boiler
  • Distillation tank
  • Condenser
  • Pipette
  • Collecting flask with inlet
  • Outlet.

Connect the glass container with the glass flask inlet underneath the glass flask that usually has a certain amount of boiling water inside it. Connect the condenser tube with the outlet to look rough but will work perfectly.

Extraction process

In this process, that mixture finely chops the plant trimmings with either ice or dry ice. It eventually separates the extract from plant material. Later on, add the water to the ice and trimmings and strain the entire mixture through a mesh bag. (This particular step often takes time, and you may have to repeat to obtain a pure extract). While placing the flowers in ice water, it freezes the trichomes. Place the wet hash in a cool, dark place to dry it for efficient results. Drain the additional amount of water from the top, and the residual extract amount of solvent will settle down at the bottommost of the mixture within few minutes.

Why is it important?

The Water Extraction method is quite helpful and relatively simple to extract CBD over centuries. This water extraction process can quickly be done on small-scale production using essential chemistry equipment and create a powdery resin extract referred to as 'hash' or 'bubble hash.'

Many researchers conclude that the use of Water Extraction is a reliable resource to have pure CBD. They also rely on this method for the excess amount of Cannabinoids and efficient results.

Advantages of water extraction method

One of this method's main advantages is that it is very inexpensive, and it only demands essential lab equipment and a natural resource, i.e., water. Other CBD extraction methods require different separate steps, but this particular method is relatively brief and straightforward for clients. It cost less amount of time and delivers a high yield. This specific method only demands perfection from a user and will surely provide the excess amount of production within less time and budget.

Why are cannabis extractions gaining popularity?

Nowadays, people increasingly depend on cannabis extraction, as it is not suitable for recreational and does wonders for therapeutic purposes like chronic pain. People rely upon to resolve their biological problems. These extracts help people who wish to use marijuana in tincture or oil form rather than smoking or consuming edibles.

Benefits of cannabis extraction

There are various benefits of cannabis extraction. A few of them are as follows.

  • It's organic because cannabis extraction is eventually 99 percent pure as compared to plants.
  • Cannabis plants contain 24 percent cannabidiol CBD and 30 percent of THC, and the rest of the plant includes extraneous plant material.
  • CBD has unique medicinal properties, including psychoactive properties, which help fight against the euphoric and hallucinogenic effects of THC.


The above-given discussion mentions many different ways of extracting cannabis, but Water Extraction is eventually one of the best among others. Thus, it is pretty beneficial for you to rely on this particular way of method.

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