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Supercritical CO2 Oil Extraction

Supercritical CO2 Oil Extraction

Understanding the supercritical CO2 Oil extraction method

A complete set of CO2 extraction begins with qualitative ground-up botanical material. Many companies use the Supercritical CO2 Oil extraction method to extract oils precisely from botanical material, including cannabis and hemp. Our efficient system runs efficiently with the use of subcritical or supercritical parameters. Our subcritical includes low pressure/low temperature, whereas supercritical is normally high pressure/high temperature.

CO2 is generally a strong solvent that eventually extracts essential oils from botanical materials. It is efficiently utilized as a solvent while dry cleaning to remove dirt without destroying your clothes. Similarly, it is efficient enough not to harm the plant while passing through it. Going through its subcritical phase, CO2 is a gas and is pumps through the plant, extracting the oil to pass through the plant. It generally moves through another vessel through an orifice and depressurizes that tend to collectively force the oil to drop out of the CO2 stream.


At the beginning of a run, our extensive operators mainly harvest specific terpenes along with smells and flavonoids from a plant. All these are extensively sought after, having their medicinal properties, and are not cannabinoids. A particular cannabinoids extract during the rest of the subcritical run and after a certain amount.


Usually, CO2 hits supercritical parameters that convert it into gas to a liquid. It eventually becomes a more powerful solvent than subcritical parameters. This particular phase mainly extracts the essential oils, fats, waxes, and lipids that are not essentially required. It eventually shows that post-processing is necessary to remove several undesirable components during extraction.

Closed-Loop System

Supercritical systems are eventually a closed-loop system that runs extraction. It shows how CO2 runs over the plant material, extracting the oil and deliver into a separation vessel and collective oil in a collection cup. Mainly CO2 flow with a continuity, its journey and flow particularly with plant material multiple time. In the end, 95% of CO2 recover with the use of future runs.

Define Subcritical CO2 Extraction?

Subcritical occurs when your temperature gets lower than 88F and maintains a pressure under 1083 psi. This critical extraction process contains several phases like the subcritical phase calls to extract volatile oils. All these terpenes are eventually volatile and destroy into high pressure and apply the tenability of CO2 that is perfect for extracting essential oils. Our operator knows how terpenes run, pause, and harvest to set them aside. This particular extract does not demand extensive processing to use without any cannabinoids. An operator genuinely continues to run to extract the rest of the oils at specific subcritical parameters. Our subcritical oil extraction demands post-processing work to remove unwanted components without quitting them in a normal condition.

Working of Supercritical fluid extraction

After analyzing all of the above-given material, specific supercritical parameters eventually change Co2 from a gas to a liquid state. It is finally in a milky condition. While phasing, it becomes a more pertinent solvent and removes everything from the plant material, including fats, waxes, and lipids that are not mainly desirable. Its demand to remove the post-processing refinement. Apart from that, people or researchers use different extraction methods, and one of the common ones is winterization.

Define Winterization

Winterization is specifically extracting to mix with food-grade ethanol and fortify their placement into a deep freezer overnight. This particular mixture eventually runs through a specific filter to remove the fats, waxes, and lipids. After this process, the oil/ethanol mixture gets warms into a rotary evaporator, and ethanol evaporates out of it because it contains a different boiling point than the oil.

CO2 extraction is beneficial to kill mold

During the process of extraction, CO2 eventually kills mold. Usually, researchers recommend not to use mold source material and test before and after extraction. The reason behind testing is a contaminated material fails to extract and undetectable contamination in plant material. It causes harm if it gets concentrated after the extraction.

Uses of Supercritical CO2

Supercritical CO2 is helpful to extract oil from cannabis and hemp. It is useful for several botanical materials and delivers to get it dry. Here’s one pro tip that CO2 extraction doesn’t work efficiently with water and is not recommended for live Resin due to high water content.

The CO2 extraction system is expensive and returns to invest effortlessly on a relatively quick investment because of rising prices of good quality concentrates. Specifically, in cannabis and hemp markets, pure oils are sought after and since the design for consumption. There must be no contaminants or different residual solvent particles.

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