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Accord Laboratory Supplies

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Your trusted and reliable partner for quality solvents
and speciality gases across various industries.

Accord Laboratory supplies LTD is a Canadian-based industrial gas importer, exporter, and supplier serving customers in both the US and Canada with quality Industrial and specialty gas supply solutions. As a well-established industrial gas company in North America, our reputation for excellent service and quality products precedes us. With our vast experience in working with diverse industrial sectors, you can rest assured that your gas supply needs are in good hands.

We are committed to providing the best possible customer service, and we have the right resources, equipment, and well-trained staff capable of handling all your gas products procurement, filling, and shipment. Our products are cost-effective, and when you do business with us, we do our best to meet your needs and solve your problems without any hassle.


We are in partnership with top manufacturers, and our premium quality gases are refined and purified to ensure their safety for use in both edibles and industrial processes. We are capable of supplying a complete line of compressed cylinder gases and other related supplies you may need. We are known for providing outstanding service, and our products are of great benefit to a wide range of industries, including health, food, manufacturing, among others, and used for laboratory processes like hydrocarbon, butane, and botanical extraction.

Reliable Company

Accord Labs is an accredited international provider of industrial and specialty gaseous products to individuals and businesses in the US and Canada. We ship nationwide in both countries, and our gas products are the premier choice for the customer across different sectors.

Customer Service

We are a company dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction therefore, when doing business with us; you can rest assured that you'll get the best possible service as well as quality products. Our superior gas fill plants also boost our ability to deliver an outstanding level of service.

Top Quality

Accords Labs provide products that represent the highest market standard of quality and reliability to guarantee benefits for our customers in a range of industries, including food and beverage, healthcare, metal fabrication, energy, and electronics, among others.

Accord Laboratory Supplies About


At the heart of our company are the people who work with us, ensuring that we meet our customer's needs. No other company can offer you better customer service, delivery flexibility, quality gases, and administrative ease like Accord Laboratory supplies LTD, and our team is piloting our success in all aspects of our business.
Accord Laboratory Supplies Our Mission
Our main goal as a company is to become the number one supplier of industrial gas products and solutions across North America, delivering superior service every step of the way. We hope to become the major go-to compressed gas filling plant for individuals and businesses in both the US and Canada. You can expect the best service from the moment you contact us all the way to product shipment completion. Accord Laboratory supplies LTD puts you first.
Accord Laboratory Supplies