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High-Purity ISOBUTANE Gas- 115LB

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  • The liquefied high-purity isobutane gas is flammable, colourless, clean, and free of any hydrogen sulphide-based ethyl mercaptan odorants.
  • Research Grade
  • The pre-cleaned cylinder fitted CGA valve and dip tube


Made in the USA.

SKU: IBU-V510-115L

  • Boiling point: 10.4°F (-12°C)
  • Melting point: -255.3 °F (-159.6 °C)
  • Vapor pressure: 29 psig at 70°F (21.1°C)
  • Molecular formula: C4-H10

Isobutane, also known as i-butane, 2 methylpropanes or methylpropane, is a chemical compound with a molecular formula HC(CH3)3. It is an isomer of butane and colorless, odorless gas. It is also the simplest alkane with a tertiary carbon. It is a byproduct of natural gas, mainly processing and petroleum refining. It is also commonly used to extract chemicals from cannabis and similar to butane and isobutene. Propane belongs to a group of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG).

It also contains a boiling point of 10.4 F (-12C) and 1.5 times the vapour pressure of butane. It is also possible to use isobutene as an extraction solvent that picks up less of the fat and lipids present than using the standard butane. Many types of research and studies have shown that the higher the cooling effect, the extensive quantity. Higher-quality cannabinoids and terpenes can extract while leaving more n more unwanted byproducts left behind. 


It is an extraction process in which one demand to evaporate the solvent and obtain the desired amount of extract. Isobutanes is lower, 10.4 F (-12 C). its boiling point than butane demands even less heat (burn) to evaporate and makes it even easier to extract the trapped residual solvent selectively. The primary function is changing isobutene from liquid to vapor due to vacuum and making it a lot easier to remove. It also allows the operator to extract the specific components like cannabinoids and terpenoids and preserve them as their maximum availability. 

The colder the extraction method, the lighter will be the extract. The fewer the fats and lipids are left versus other extraction methods. It is also a key and most important feature to preserve the natural state and the aromatic and chemical complexities of the original plant. An isobutene solvent can easily convert back to liquid by either reducing the temperature or increasing the pressure. 

The use of isobutene, low-quality trim and waste of biomass input material can easily convert a more significant amount of cannabinoid content extract versus other extraction methods. A low-temperature process with qualitative input material can easily yield an extensive quantity, and higher quality crumble. 


Isobutane extraction offers a wide array of products that mainly include shattering, crumble, diamonds, crude, sauce, winterized, distillate, vapes, and formulated products. There is primarily no product that isobutene can’t make, and consider it an excellent option for operators with diverse product portfolios. 


The liquefied isobutane gas is flammable, colourless, clean, and free of any hydrogen sulphide-based ethyl mercaptan odorants: Research Grade, the pre-cleaned cylinder fitted CGA valve and dip tube, Made in the USA.



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Flammable Gas

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Flammable Gas

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