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High Purity n-BUTANE - 22.7LB

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  • The liquefied high-purity n-butane gas is flammable, colourless, clean, and free of any hydrogen sulphide-based ethyl mercaptan odorants.
  • Research Grade
  • The pre-cleaned cylinder fitted OPD valve


Made in the USA.


N-Butane is typically a nonpolar four-carbon alkane with a molecular formula of C4H10. It is an efficient gas at a standard temperature that can easily be compressed into a liquid for easy and efficient transport. N-Butane usually is a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Its uses are specifically for cannabinoid extraction, and similar to isobutene and propane, n-butane is a part of liquefied petroleum gasses. (LPG)


Efficient usage of n-butane as the extraction solvent will generate, which refers to butane hash oil (BHO). It contains a low boiling point of 30.2F (-1 C), utilises butane and delivers the extractor to extract the larger quantities and higher quality cannabinoids and terpenes after leaving the unwanted byproducts behind. N-butane’s lowest is 30.2 F (-1 C). Its boiling point indicates minimal heat to evaporate and generate it to make things easier. Later on, it extract the trapped residual solvent selectively, and its vacuum turns the butane from liquid to vapour, make it a lot easier to remove. For example, while using a desiccator and a vacuum purposely to remove any residual solvent. The N-butane will begin to evaporate, and a vacuum is introduced. Its pressure will drop and result in a phase of change from liquid to vapour. It also speeds up the removal of the solvent from the final product. It also allows an operator to extract specific components like cannabinoids and terpenoids to preserve their maximum availability. Its colder extractions make a lighter amount of extracts that lack many fats and lipids present in any other extraction method. It is the key and essential feature to preserve the natural state with aromatic and chemical complexities. An n-butane solvent can easily convert back to liquid form by reducing the temperature or increasing the pressure. 


The liquefied n-butane gas is flammable, colourless, clean, and free of any hydrogen sulphide-based ethyl mercaptan odorants: Research Grade, the pre-cleaned cylinder fitted OPD valve, Made in the USA.



Product Origin


U.S. DOT Name


UN ID Number

UN 1022

U.S. DOT Hazard Class 


U.S. DOT Label

Flammable Gas

CAS Registry


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TC Classification


TC Label

Flammable Gas

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